Latest presentation on how to use Rural Payments

This post is now out of date.  Please check here for the latest information on how to apply for the Basic Payment Scheme.

On 24 February, we held another webinar for people involved in supporting customers to use Rural Payments.

You can watch and listen to the webinar, which is a narrated presentation; it contains advice about registering for Rural Payments and editing land parcels, plus we talk through some of the new features coming soon.

You will need Flash 6 or higher to watch the webinar and you will need speakers or headphones to listen to it. If prompted, please follow the instructions to download Flash.


  1. Rosemary

    How do you get into the webinar scheduled for Tuesday March 10th????

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    • Alice Hammond

      Hello, the webinars are by invite but we make the recordings available on the blog and will post today's up as soon as possible.

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    • Richard

      just wondering when the next webinar (March 10 th) will be on the blog?

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  2. Emily

    Thank you for the webinar this morning. As agents will there be a way to print a summary of land use and EFA features so they can be checked and greening calculations can be completed accurately and a copy given for checking by the client?


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  3. Chris

    The webinar does not work on an iPad

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  4. Sally

    When will the webinar on 10th March be ready to listen to?

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    • andywebb

      Apologies for the delay in making this available, if you are following the blog you will get an email alert when we’ve published the webinar link.

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      • David

        Sorry to sound so negative but we are nearly a week on and we still can't use the webinar. I have a presentation to give tomorrow and was rather hoping to be up to date with your information.

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  5. Paul Redgate

    Good luck George Osborne with the personal tax accounts .

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